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η οροφή – the ceiling

September 16, 2007

the ceiling is a short story published in greek, Nea Hestia, 2002.

Antonas to Pentzikis

September 12, 2007

Letter to the greek writer Pentzikis concerning the order of his texts in a library, published in the Greek newspaper Eleftherotipia, 2002.

The exclusion

September 9, 2007

Short story in Greek, ο αποκλεισμός , pubished in the 1998, Catalogue of Stigmi editions, Athens, Greece.

the naked and the dressed man

September 4, 2007

short story the naked and the dressed, published in Greek, TA NEA newspaper, 2004.

H στέγη – the roof

September 4, 2007

The roof is a short story published in Greek, TA NEA newspaper in 2000 and also in the Catalogue for the Greek participation of the 2006 Venice Biennale, ed. Lois Papadopoulos, Ilias Constantopoulos.

the voice

September 4, 2007

Short story published in different versions: 1. in George Lappas, Catalogue Raisoné, the voice, futura, athens, in English, 2004, 2. entefktirio, literature magazine, in Greek, Thessaloniki, 2005, 3. this new version of αντίλαλος in Greek.

The spider

September 4, 2007

Η αράχνη – the spider

Short story in Greek, published in newspaper TA NEA and reprinted in a Greek short stories collection, from publisher Metechmion, Athens, Greece, 2003.