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postponing demolition

August 28, 2007

Article on the concept of ruin, published in Greek: Παρουσίαση του Έργου Τέχνης και νέες Τεχνολογίες, National Technical University, Athens, Greece, February 2000, ed. Vana Xenou.
[ text on the concept of ruin in greek ]


August 28, 2007

Text on the new condition of architecture and the forthcoming metatectonic era.

the metatectonic condition

Pronounced in Greek delegation docomomo congresss in Xanthi, 2005 and published in Greek, futura, 2007.

attic landscape

August 27, 2007

The attic landscape is shown as a specific way of contemplating and conceiving field images. In the Attic landscape the priority of whatever is lost, hidden, invisible prevails in the interior of the contemplating gaze itself. The attic landscape is, thus, approached as a model of contemplation. The contemplating gaze in the case of the attic landscape is formed while it gives priority to whatever is not “immediately” shown.

published in Greek, Αρχιτεκτονικά Θέματα, Νο 28, 2004.

attic landscape

hydra house first floor

August 20, 2007

the voice of derrida and the concept of decision

August 20, 2007

the book scales

Why would someone choose to concentrate on the tone of this voice? Not so much because the moment of its enunciation is of special significance to the history of contemporary architecture, but rather because in Derrida’s oeuvre the question still remains open as to the moment when someone speaks in order to articulate an obstacle or to give an “end” to something which is being shaped. Actually, I would like to talk about a secret that has to do with the texture of the Derridaian decision. When, how and from whom do I draw the right to raise obstacles? At what moment am I entitled to seek an “end”? How intensely am I entitled to promote the rupture? And in order to explore the depth of this secret, I will concentrate on the Irvine voice; this voice could be offered as a paradigm which would be given by Derrida himself; indeed – as I will try to explain – this may have been a particular paradigm.

published in Neme and in the text repository of Eyal Weizman’s round table. First published in Greek: “Η ζυγαριά των βιβλίων“, Σύγχρονα Θέματα, Περίοδος Β, Νο 73, June 2000, pp. 116-120, Athens.


August 5, 2007



June 14, 2007

creation of a person